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GIVEAWAY! Forget the tricks this Halloween, because we’ve got nothing but TREATS for you.
And on that list of mesmerising treats… BEER, COCKTAILS, SWEETS, CHOCOLATE, CHOCO PRETZELS and even your very own set of massive SPEAKERS!
We’ve teamed up with a scarily sensational group of


Participate in our Halloween special contest and WIN exciting prizes:

🟢 Comment the right route (A, B, or C) to reach the ceiling fan
🟢 Like the post
🟢 Follow our page
🟢 Tag 5 friends and ask them to participate to increase your chances to WIN

Winners will be announced on 30th October



✨It’s #GIVEAWAY TIME! I love teaming up with other Female owned businesses and I connected with Brooke from @chloeandlois , I love everything from her site and own a small collection of her pieces myself . Brooke is the most hardworking bas a$$ business owner I know ,so teaming up with her is a dre

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