How does the sweepstakes program work?

Enter the URL of your contests post you shared on Instagram in the field above.
Create free instagram Giveaways & Sweepstakes - Random comment Pickers!

Create contests from the Computer
  • Go to site.
  • Find the Post you want to contest and click on it.
  • Copy the link in your Internet Browser
  • Paste the copied link URL in the giveaway app field above. Set the rules of the raffle and wait for your comments to load. A random comment will be chosen and the winner will be determined.
Create raffles from the Phone
  • Open the Instagram app for iPhone / Android
  • Find the post you want to contest
  • Press the 3 dots in the top corner of the post
  • Press the option to copy link
  • Paste the copied Photo / Video link URL into the giveaway tool field above. Set the rules of the sweepstakes and wait for comments to be collected. The program will randomly choose the winner for instagram raffle.
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